In regards to the 5% bonus:

 Each week that no NSG withdrawals are requested, your account will be credited 5% of your NSG Balance in additional SNP.  This SNP will generate more NSG each week as well as can be used as participating in our new advertising campaigns with influencers and brands.

If you request NSG withdrawals before July 31st, you will not be eligible for the 5% bonus for the remainder of the bonus period. You will have to wait until first week in August to start earning new bonus. (90 days)


The maximum an individual can withdraw from their ShareNode BackOffice NSG Bonus Wallet is 5000 NSG per week. This equates to up to 20,000 NSG per month. The withdrawal will be sent to the NASGO wallet listed in your BackOffice; we strongly recommend verifying it's the correct address before requesting a withdrawal.


Withdrawals will be sent out to your wallet weekly on Fridays.  NSG withdrawal requests made by Tuesday at 5pm Pacific Time will be sent out on Friday of that week.  Requests made after Tuesday at 5pm Pacific Time will be sent on Friday of the next cycle.

If a withdraw is requested a week prior to July 31st, we will have to take back all the percentages that have been given.

This officially started on April 26th.